Uninterrupted Faith

Discussion with Abi Loryman, a business analyst is indeed a mind-boggling conversation on high-trust society, and aspects of faith in our lives.

To be honest, a topic like high-trust society had a mark on my mind since the day Sridhar Vembu, CEO of ZOHO Corp had discussed in one of our internal forums.

So, here is the complete discussion recording for you!

A detailed discussion on how we humans have faith subconsciously on such different aspects of life, while it comes to us as the doer.

01:09 – Who is Abi Loryman?

02:09 – Uninterrupted Faith

08:34 – Does faith develop based on spiritualism or religionism?

10:50 – Importance of having faith on YOURSELF

12:00 – Your happiness is your responsibility

14:44 – What happens when you look for acceptance from others?

17:28 – What drove Abi to write “Uninterrupted Faith”?

20:11 – Do we tend to get along with people who have the same faith practices?

24:10 – Was religion created to unite human beings and create a society?

26:49 – Why do we still practice some superstitions though we don’t believe in them?

24:43 – What kind of faith should one have to be a CONFIDENT PERSON?

33:30 – Do we tend to judge people based on our mindset?

35:05 – How to build a high – trust society?

37:30 – How to put our guards down, and accept new people as they are!!

Overall Experience

A very thought-provoking discussion with Abi Loryman, a business analyst on her new book – Uninterrupted Faith. The turning point of the discussion is how we change the way we look at things when it is ourselves in the picture.

Be it superstitions or a myth, we tend to do it (even though we don’t believe in it) when we are desperate for something to happen flawlessly. There are many other aspects on this discussion where we discuss on the types of faith we go through with different people, and also the type of people we associate with unconsciously.

Hence, it is very important to realize the things you know, and while you implement them – see your life change rapidly, for the good.

Do share your feedback on the session, and also share something new you learnt from the session. A heartfelt thanks to Ms. Abi Loryman for being available, and having an open discussion with me. You are truly truly awesome, Abi.