5 things to NEVER say at work

Coming to the world of the profession, where everything we say and do is observed, and judged, it’s not easy to be your own self.

However, it takes a bit of practice and confidence in yourself that can ease up your journey. Always remember this though.

So, here are 5 things you should never say at work.


If anybody approaches you to discuss, and you are not the one to be approached, never say “Am not responsible for this” or “I don’t take care of this”. This may make you seem rude or potentially self-serving. 

You could instead use simple phrases like

“I would recommend you to talk to …. as he/she understands this better than me”


If anybody suggests you a particular way to do a task, and you have a better way to do it.

It’s ok to convey to them your idea, but when you do it the wrong way – your colleagues can think you are rude and not respecting their seniority just in case.

At times like these, you could be subtle and say “I also have an idea.”

…Explain your idea….. 

“Could we try doing it this way? ”


When you have tried performing a task and ended up in trouble not knowing what to do next, you can either surrender or struggle till you find a way out.

However, later or sooner when you approach your colleague or boss for help, the way you approach matters a lot.

It is important not to seem pathetic, and degrade yourself. Explain to them why you took the decisions you took.

“Am a bit stuck up, could you please help me find other options in such situations?”


If you are in a meeting, and someone insults or degrades your work unnecessarily in front of everyone, you could simply say

“I would appreciate if we could have a 101 discussion after the meeting is over”.

This way, you save the meeting, and also your reputation.


If you have a task pending cause you had some personal work, never give excuses or tell something like this “I didn’t have the time”. This angers the other person, and could also result in some cold waves between you both. 

You could always say


…reason for not completing the task…

“I will get back to you by …”

Instead of hitting around the banter, you give them a solution.

These were some conversational phrases you could use to make your professional life easy. Let me know if you have unique ways to make-up with problems at work.

“Your decisions must be only yours. Mentors or well-wishers are to guide you and tell you when you miss out stuff, but the ultimate decision is it be your own”

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