Things I learnt from “Death; An Inside Story” by Sadhguru – Part 2

If you haven’t binged on the first part of this blog post, don’t miss it! This part is a continuation of a few things I came across this book. It is a full-on entertainer about life, very gullible but I still have my view points. So, let’s check it out!

Importance of the Last Moments of Life

When one goes from an embodied to a disembodied state (the moment life begins to leave body slowly), there is a lot of confusion the soul is put in. Most of the rituals we follow after someone is dead is because we ought to guide the soul that can’t take reality in.

To keep this simple, if you don’t want to eat food, you can simply move away the food being served. But the soul is incapable of taking any action to show its direction of decision, this leaves it in a lot of turmoil. That’s why we make sure they are at peace with the reality of what had happened, and just be happy wherever they decide to move further.

There is no Hell or Heaven

We humans, are nothing but a pattern of habits we keep doing over and over in our lives. These patterns don’t stop after you’re dead. For example, if a person has a habit of being ambitious and living life at full swing, it would want the same even after death. So, the soul would go on looking for suitable wombs where it gives them a good habitat for their patterns to stay active.

If these patterns don’t let the soul take in the reality of practical life or with other humans, it suffers endlessly in that same pattern. This was termed as “Hell”. It is unable to change its patterns and that’s when it can take a rebirth and mend its patterns to stay in peace. If a person is very conscious about their patterns, and takes the spiritual path – It can lead them to ‘Enlightenment’ and they would never have to be reborn again.

Never utter the name of the person who is dead in a cursing tone

For example, never say “Aiyyo, Ramya”, instead say “Hey Ram” or anything that indicates the ultimate power/god. This is to generate an idea to think beyond oneself. This is necessary for the unguided soul. You ought to make an atmosphere where they can die peacefully. So, DON’T DO UGLY THINGS!!

Chant a Mantra or Put on some Soothing Sound for the Soul

This helps them focus on being one with the higher power, and look forward to rebirth or Enlightenment. Or they tend to cling around their loved ones/things, looking for their existence.

There are many more interesting and dark things described in the book, and I would give a big thumbs up for you to go ahead and read this book. This book includes a lot of things that tried marketing the ‘Isha Yoga Foundation’. You could just consume those information based on your requirements, and read the complete book. Thanks for being such a beautiful audience.