The Inner – Secrets of a Content Writer’s Life

We, Shreya Pattar and I discussed various problems and stages a freelancer goes through, in the journey of building a career.

Here are some time frames in which we discussed the following, hope this helps.

06:09 – Discussion on Freelance sites that help you get projects using a bidding system

07:40 – Three Things you should do before you approach a Client

09:47 – Discussion on how to deal with free work samples

13:26 – 3 Ground Rules to follow when you deal with a Client

16:06 – Do you feel guilty while you charge your clients?

17:12 – One thing Shreya understand now, which she didn’t know 2-3 years back

19:25 – How to generate Leads for your freelancing business?

21:05 – Does Shreya also do digital marketing?

21:38 – How did Shreya manage to market her first E-BOOK?

25:59 – Structure/Pattern for Content

26:45 – Difference in Linkedin/Instagram/Twitter

28:56 – Can Viral Content be made?

30:25 – How can you use Storytelling in your writeups?

35:00 – Take on Professionalism, Communication Skills, and Confidence

38:40 – Book suggested by Shreya Pattar

40:03 – How to overcome Writer’s Block

Overall Experience

‘The Inner Secrets of a Content Writer’s Life’ is an eye-opener for me, and many other writers who are trying to build their career in the upcoming decade.

Shreya, being an experienced content writer and a very practical person, has always been a huge resource for information on how to deal with clients, and grow writing skills.

A good token of gratitude to Shreya who was kind enough to come live with me, and discuss with me the growing aspects of a writer.

If you have more queries on any of these aspects, I am a mail away. Do leave your perception of content writing, and other aspects of writing.

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