‘Rewiring MINDSET to be the best version and unlock SUCCESS

Discussion with George, a Mindset coach was indeed enlightening and a tipping part of the realization scale.

This is based on different aspects of life we struggle to comprehend, and sometimes let go off opportunities knocking our door. So, here is the complete discussion recording for you!

Here are some time frames in which we discussed the following, hope this helps.

01:12 – Introduction of my guest, George

04:28 – What is positive thinking? Is it just the thought that things will go well or something beyond it?

08:00 – Why is MINDSET so important?

10:20 – Why is it that we humans find it easy to underestimate ourselves?

14:00 – What is the right way to raise a child?

15:51 – Art of Appreciation

18:47 – Art of Gratitude

20:14 – Role of HABITS in your SUCCESS

23:29 – How can habits be formed?


25:28 – Struggle of telling ‘NO’

27:00 – Does the environment affect how you are?

30:00 – Reason why environment affects us!

32:05 – How to deal with criticism?

36:00 – Why do we blame fate/destiny for the things that happen to us? Is happiness a choice or a consequence of a situation?

41:17 – Can intelligent people never be dumb, or the vice-versa?

42:47 – Does that abuses like drugs, alcohol etc come from? How to get rid of overthinking!

51:00 – How Meditation can help you!

Overall Experience

A very thoughtful conversation with Mr. George, a mindset and business coach. Very relatable conversation anyone would have experienced in their daily lives. The turning point of the discussion is though we know many mindful impacts that can change our life we still don’t realize and implement them. This causes a gap in thoughts and life as a result.

Hence, it is very important to realize the things you know, and while you implement them – see your life change rapidly, for the good.

Do share your feedback on the session, and also share something new you learnt from the session. A heartfelt thanks to Mr. George for being available, and for dedicating his life for the good of people.