Review on “The Business of the 21st Century”

This book “The Business of the 21st Century” is written by Robert T.Kiyosaki and his wife Kim Kiyosaki. Both with the entrepreneurial mindset and zeal, started out with life being adamant to never succumb to employability.

Highlight on two individuals who are adamant to stay homeless and penniless until they were successful in their business worlds. The main flavour of this book comes from the concept of four quadrants which can shape your life and destiny at once.

A lot of finance lessons with some heart wrenching entrepreneurial stories. Loved the first and second part of the book. It was mainly about the American economic situation, and some lessons we as humans never learn.

This is helping me realise that at age 23, I really need to take care of my finances wisely. It acts as a catalyst to read some books on finance. This book can either excite you or turn off your interests from part 3 of the book. It helped me understand some perspectives on “Network Marketing”, however, it didn’t really suit my interests and my life goals.

There is some really good advice in this book, but this is recommended only to gain some perspective and broaden your mindset to be more accepting of the various things in life – like “Network Marketing”.

The biggest disappointment to me here was, Kiyosaki was not an experienced player himself in the field of “Network Marketing”. It was his view of being an outsider and understanding how “Networking Marketing” actually works. I would not trust any experience apart from the author himself before he gets into writing a book.

Overall, the book has some ideas that concern your financial education, and this would be my takeaway from the book. It is a thumbs-up to read the first and second part of the book to get some perspective, and the third part of the book merely to broaden your mindset about a zillion things that can exist in the world.