Review on Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

Want to know how “humankind” (not mankind) conquered the world?

Don’t be amazed, cause according to this book, we have done many things we won’t be proud of, and have survived being the most manipulative (than fittest) beings.

Let me share a few things I wouldn’t want to forget about this book.

First things first!!

We will eventually vanish in a few centuries, cause either we have become gods or we have managed to damage the environment permanently and ourselves too.

Humans are capable of creating new languages unlike other species because of the continuous inner wiring of our brains!!

We, humans didn’t wait for evolution to develop us instead we used our intellect to develop skills and make things happen. Don’t understand?

For instance, if we wanted to cross oceans to reach the other side of the world – we didn’t wait for evolution to provide us gills. Instead we made boats, rafted and reached the other end.

Fun fact – That’s how the occupation of fishery was introduced.

The book was indeed a herculean task to read, cause it took time to digest what our ancestors were up to. ObvioWhusly flawed in some ways, Harari did a good job at collecting historical documents and scientific papers on our evolution and revolution.

The influence and emergence of monotheism from polytheism – stated as fact – is indefensible.

To convey in simple words, God wasn’t supposed to be biased to help you specifically. So, expecting anything in return from him would be futile. We, humans have practised ourselves to please gods for our desires – which makes no point. However, each god was created in order to provide specific needs from each.

While I was awestruck and bored at some pages of the book, I found the very last page of the book curiously encouraging:

We are more powerful than ever before…Worse still, humans seem to be more irresponsible than ever. Self-made gods with only the laws of physics to keep us company, we are accountable to no one. (p466)

Time to live in a world where we are accountable – to a just and loving God.

Finally, a take on the writer. Harari is a fantastic writer, with a strong mindset. Though flawed at some parts, we have a good understanding on how things have changed to this date. However, it would leave a few educated Christians unimpressed.

Do share with me your view on this book, and if the facts shared with you are helpful.

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