Review on “From Novice To Novus” By Sapna Handa

Sapna Handa’s subversive brilliance brings light in new and unexpected ways with the masterpiece “From Novice To Novus”.

The theme of this book ranges from image-building tips, life lessons, relationship lessons, and the art of appreciation and gratitude.

Believe me, when I say, I have resonated so much with the book than I had imagined it to be. From being the attention seeker in the conversation to letting external factors affect my whole day, I am amazed at the length of how this mindful book made me aware.

13 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss “From Novice To Novus” By Sapna Handa

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  1. Why one should be patient and consistent with one’s talents & skills, professional & personal life?
  2. Being an Image consultant herself, Sapna expands on why one has to focus on not just the external appearance but also the inner garden of solitude. She also stresses about the possibilities when one only dresses up elegantly on the exterior.
  3. Why one should have the basic etiquettes, basic mannerisms on all aspects of life – be it speaking, eating, dressing, etc.? How can one develop them with Sapna’s guidance?
  4. Beautiful personification of cluttering the wardrobe just like one’s thoughts.
  5. How to sense the vibes of your allies as well as your frenemies (friends who do no good to you)?
  6. How can one make their contacts as beautiful connections?
  7. The kind of service one should provide their clients, and make it a beautiful relationship.
  8. Explaining the concepts of Pygmalion Pyramid and Golem, and how one could make the best out of it.
  9. Why one should feed their mind with the right thoughts, and stay updated in one’s professional line?
  10. Body-Shaming effects, and how Sapna herself had overcome it.
  11. The 7 R’s when you feel an imbalance in life.
  12. Art of Marginal Utility
  13. How to deal with your inner egoistical voice cause it is better to win friends over arguments!

The book covers so much more, don’t miss to get yourself a copy.

You tend to radiate confidence from inside to outside when you have worked on your inner image and combined all the elements of clothing, grooming, body language, and etiquette to bring out the best in you. This is the inside out image.

– Sapna Handa

This book is of great importance especially to women as we tend to judge ourselves more than we should. I have personally read it twice cause it had so much packaged in, I didn’t want to miss those amazing tips!! A big thumbs-up to read the book.

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