We, Teruo Tanto and I, had a fun time discussing various stages of a person while he/she is conversing with people on a daily basis.

Here are some time frames in which we discussed the following, hope this helps.

01:22 – My guest, Teruo Tanto, a MC and Public Speaker

02:47 – Performance by Teruo

07:17 – Things to do before you approach someone

12:23 – Does being introvert or extrovert affect your communication skills?

17:00 – Does humour play an important role in making the best relationships with people?

18:17 – Things we should never do while we talk to someone

27:51 – Role of communication while in a group (leading a team etc)

33:28 – Role of social media in Public Speaking

37:27 – Is it advisable to learn English through a native language? or should it be learnt without translation!

Overall Experience

This is was a fun-filled conversation with MR. TERUO TANTO, an MC and public speaker. Met him through one of the public speaking competitions that we judged together as co-panelists.

This session was conducted to bring in more awareness of the foundation required to converse well with your peers and colleagues on a daily basis.

While we discussed important things on public speaking, it is more about how public speaking is required even for your day-to-day conversations.

Public speaking is not just talking on a stage rather it is the process of talking to an audience. And, mind it, audience isn’t just an auditorium full of people – it can even be a single person.

Do share your feedback on the session, and also share something new you learnt from the session. A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Teruo Tanto for being available and being a rockstar.