Some strings on MODERN SITAYAN – The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Never felt so tinged by the fact how Sita, the daughter of fire and earth (I refuse to call her the wife of Lord Ram cause she was much more than that), underwent such sorrow and kept living with the mantra “To Endure” as she was a woman.

Am proud of her as she lead her life, to lead by example, and to make sure the daughters of the upcoming generations do not get burdened by the fact of getting their purity tested all the time.

Here are of my learnings from the book, in some detail. There are simple verses anyone can understand.

  1. If you want to stand up against wrongdoing, if you want to bring about change, do it in a way that doesn’t bruise a person’s ego or pride. You’ll have a better chance of success.
  2. It’s important to speak your mind to the person you’re going to marry. What kind of relationship would you have if you couldn’t do that?

A strong feeling I developed from this book is that, “Anything that makes us forget ourselves is a TRAP indeed”

3. The more we distribute love, the more it grows – coming back to us from unexpected sources. But when we demand love thinking it to be our right – it shrivels, leaving our resentment behind.

4. It’s not sufficient to love someone with your entire being. To understand them, you have to understand and respect the values that drive them.

To be honest, we must want what they want, not what we want for them

But, you know what surprised me the most in this book?

The fact that she, Sita, daughter of fire and earth was indeed the daughter of Mandodari and Ravan. Though there aren’t any strong evidences to it, but Queen Mandodari believed firmly in it. And, i believe her.

Next fact is that, she had to testify her purity and sanctity, not once but twice. Maybe many other times. Couldn’t stop my tears as I ended the book.

This book is indeed a strong reminder – not just for women but also for men, DO NOT ENDURE TO THE EXTENT OF SELF-DEPRIVATION. YOU DO NOT DESERVE IT, NOR DOES THE OTHER WHO WANTS THE TEST OF PURITY.

I would give a big thumbs up for this book. Share with me your opinion on the various aspects of this great great book.

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