Is there no one to guide you?

Being a privileged person — food, shelter and clothes, along with security is more than a privilege anyone can ask for!

I feel it this way.

There are people who need to be privileged like US. Yet, we’re all unsatisfied with what life has for us, a gentle reminder that I am not talking about my life but our lives in general.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself is there nothing you wish for, in the least — job security, your soulmate, your happiness and peace, family security, a healthy child? There is something we have always wanted or needed.

There is a point where we all need a second person’s mind into what we do. It gives us the security to screw up or even win. However,

There is nobody, I mean nobody who can help you in your ambitions or goals. Just yourself

Nobody has lived your situation as you, but there may be people better than you in your field who can help you. But your decisions ought to be only yours.

The things that you learn from your experience teaches you more than what another person can teach or communicate to you.

Coming to the point where you have no one to guide you, it is your opinion that needs to be brought out at any cost. I took this learning from the people around me. You have to speak out your opinions when it is YOU who do the task.

There can be people who helped you grow or nurture you, but it is your loyalty to yourself — to speak out your opinions and work on them. This, however, does not mean you do not listen to others.

No one will ever tell you why you are here. We are not lost, but we must find a way, that, is our responsibility. No one can do it for us. 

A thousand people in your life, with few who may have a say in it, you listen to ten mouths but you do what a single temple — your mind speaks. In this journey of life, you will meet many people who are good and bad, but the capability of your judgement grows with time and experience. Don’t let that be taken away from you.

Make your own path and follow it, be it hurtful or kind, determined or fate, your aim should be to find bliss and inner peace with humanity in mind.

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