How To Get A Job Without Prior Experience

“Number of graduating students vs Jobs available” is a horrific scheme to envision.

Let’s think this out with a practical viewpoint, half the jobs in India check for English fluency than the skillsets required for the job. 

Keeping the current recruitment scenario in mind, I must say, we all are marching aggressively towards jobs with better companies and paychecks, than building our skillsets.

One important point to note is, 

“With growing technology, we are bound to face recession, and the available jobs will vanish in thin air.

The skillsets we build over time will help us sustain long-term. We will be able to use these skillsets to get related jobs, no matter the name of the role.”

One simple tip is, to experiment with tasks that require skill sets similar to the job profile. 

For example, my skillsets direct me to be creative. But, I was into coding and debugging. I quit my IT training in 6 months and applied for a writer role. 

Guess what? I was selected in the first go. I don’t really think the number of times you attempt matters till you are interested in the job’s skill sets.

But, did I just get lucky? I would say, I tried blogging, and was into writing from my childhood. This is my hobby. Moreover, the organization I work for only takes people with serious skillsets. 

In the upcoming years, every company would turn to skill sets instead of focussing on the aesthetic nature of the candidate. 

So, here are some serious tips to get hands-on the jobs you desire strongly.

  1. Be someone you would hire.
  2. Be an expert in the field you choose.
  3. Volunteer for work, based on the skillsets you require.
  4. Build a network with similar goals.
  5. Plan your learning curve, along with short and long-term goals.
  6. Fix a routine, and fill your routine with hobbies that sharpen your skillset.
  7. Freelance the work for pay, understand how to work your way up in the market.

Let me know how you are building your skillset, and how you planned your routines to do so. Stay tuned for more amazing content.

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  1. The blog is very useful, especially the 7 tips guides a beginner like me to efficiently pursue our dream job.
    Thanks for this amazing content. Waiting for more posts:)

  2. Really I Love it, people like me who need a guidance from experienced people like you is a blessing. I wish you stay healthy and stay happy to do more.

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