Build A Warrior Mindset

If you want to win in war, you have to be a warrior. 

Here are some of the tips I implement!

Only Move When It Benefits You

If it is to your advantage, make a forward move; if not, stay where you are. Everything comes with risk. Before making any move in life, understand the pros and cons.

  • This is also about discipline. Taking a chance on something because you find it interesting, not because you see the advantage it gives you, is an undisciplined move.
  • Your interest will fade, but maintaining the discipline helps you recover from failure. You can either roll the dice again and quit, or you can suffer from no clear path to victory.
  • You know what victory looks like, and you’re willing to overcome anything that might obstruct you in pursuit of it. That’s a warrior mindset.

Know What Gives You The Kick 

We all have been there when we’re close to our top speed, thinking sharply, moving quickly, completely focused on the task at hand. To be a warrior, figure out what gives you the kick and puts you on beast mode, and make it part of your routine. Every warrior as a ritual they follow before going into battle, and when you find yours, you make yourself that much more likely to emerge victoriously.

Commit To Your Objective Without Hesitation

  • Most people actually understand what their objective is intuitively, but they feel uncomfortable committing themselves that intensely to their goals. They’re afraid to be labeled as ambitious or successful.

Being a warrior comes down to taking relationships seriously. Your relationship with your clients, your relationship with your peers and colleagues, your relationship with oneself, and your relationship with your family.

Fortunately, adopting a warrior mindset just takes a notebook and some heart. Then, the only thing between you and being a warrior is your commitment. So commit.

Share your strategies on how you build a warrior mindset in the comments below!