3 Strategies To Build Strong Workplace Skills

To be honest, I never cared about developing or building skills until a year of being experienced. I had too much to learn from my new job that learning and practising took off all my time.

“Go forth and build skills” is one thing, but how to actually do that?

 Let’s look at some strategies on how to build a strong foundation for your growth process.

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Things I do to wake up early without an alarm

Firstly, it is really important to have a passion for which you want to wake up early every day.

Yes! For me, I have my activities planned a day ahead. This gives the kick to get started as soon as you wake up. 

No, I haven’t been this passionate all my life. This happened to me recently.

When you have a passion to work on, it doesn’t let you snooze your alarm. However, practically, we all are on different pages in life. 

Here are five things I do to wake up early!

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The Ripple Effect of Suicide

“A suicide is like a pebble in a pond. The waves ripple outward.”

I remember my mom telling this to me. Seeing a pebble drop into a pond, it’s something small that makes a big impact.

The people impacted most dramatically are the ones closest to the deceased: family, friends, co-workers, classmates. 

As the waves move outward, they get smaller and smaller. The reach of the waves is much greater than the size of the pebble itself.

People, close to the deceased, always blame themselves for not being able to help their loved ones who have struggled openly with mental health.

The suicide sometimes comes as a “total shock” to the survivors, who may think, “He seemed to be doing better.” “She had turned her life around.” “He was making plans for the future.”

So, what can you do to reduce the impact of a suicide, and work toward social empathy?

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