Anxious, distracted all the time? DO THIS!

In this post, we are going to learn on

‘How to control our attention when we’re anxious?’


 CatastrophizingMind ReadingFortune TellingOvergeneralizing

Yes, and this is not just a well-searched analogy. This is my personal experience. 

We like sympathizing ourselves, and we like to overthink cause we are familiar with that feeling of self-pity.

Break that comfort zone of thinking for long periods of time with no beneficial outcome or conclusion.

Understand yourself, analyse the pattern in which you keep thinking, and isolate that pattern from your lifestyle.

Me, as a person, I always hated the fact of being left alone. I would feel so vulnerable to the fact that people don’t take me in their groups initially.

Are you wondering, how am so open about my vulnerability in a social platform like this?

This is because, I accepted my vulnerability, and isolated this very vulnerability from my lifestyle. 

Instead of being distracted by a zillion things when am anxious, I decided to utilise my time on-par with my leisure.

What can you do to overcome this!

  1. Get Up and Get Going

Don’t keep pondering. Decide what you want to do, go and do it.

  1. Decide Whether a Thought Is Helpful

When you’re worried about something, sit down and analyse the outcomes. Do the outcomes harm your life? If no, go ahead and just face it. Don’t prolong that situation one bit, JUST GO AND FACE IT.

  1. Stop Worshiping Your Anxious Mind

This is a very important factor. Stop believing what you want to believe. Think practically. If you are poor at the judgement in that specific time, move away from it. Give it a day or two, and then think about it.

  1. Engage in a Relaxation Technique

Meditation does wonders. You don’t have to believe me. I challenge you to meditate for an hour or so after you wake up. If you don’t find a difference, ping me on any of the social networks you find me in.

  1. Try Some Form of Physical Exercise

Exercise is not just to lose weight or stay fit. This is one of the best ways to distract yourself from anxiety, and channels your emotions in a more efficient way. Practise it for a month or so, let me know in the comments how it helped you.

  1. Use Entertainment as a bait

Yes, entertainment is a good way to distract yourself. However, do not succumb to this kind of distraction for a long time as it may end up being a huge distraction than anxiety itself.

Overall, this can seem like a lot of Gyan. But i would end this post with two key notes.

You got to consume good information. Be a responsible consumer. Do not consume all the trash they serve you on the internet. This can leave you biased, and provide half-baked knowledge.

Don’t go around telling people on how you want to change. Work your ass off. Your work should speak for you, not your diplomatic tongue.

On this note, I want to extend my support to everyone who you wants to improve their personal and professional life. I ain’t an expert, but am definitely a person who was vulnerable and drowning in self-pity – changed to a more solution-oriented person now.