5 BEST PRACTICES to avoid Burnout while you work!

Be it WFH, or a regular job mode, Burnouts can last for longer than we think – causing us to be highly unproductive.

So, I have shared my experience of severe burnouts, and how I overcame them subtly without being unproductive.

Wondering what a Burnout is?

Burnout is the mental and physical exhaustion of continuous work, where even the things you love to do start to irritate or piss you off.

This is a warning sign for you to back off, and get some some rest. You could also do something that de-stresses your body and mind.

The first time I felt a severe burnout, it was because I was trying to work productively by adding too many activities in my TO-DO list. This wasn’t just professional work, it included some skill learning.

The second time I felt a burnout was when i was ill on various fronts, it clouded my mind and body.

Both of these major burnouts caused me to give up my active lifestyle. I wasn’t interested to work with enthusiasm anymore.

It was then, I decided to stop overthinking on this burnout, and do something about it!!

5 things I personally tried and tested to get rid of burnouts in the most effective way!


I know you might be bored to read this. But it is after so many years of procrastination – I have finally started working out.

And, I can’t tell you how much better i started feeling. If you hate exercising, you can stick to a 20 min routine of brisk walk.

Go out in the nature, early morning for a brisk walk.

The way you look at things change completely when you keep your body moving, especially when you do it early in the morning.


Break routine, get away from your work cycle. Spend time with yourself, sleep well. Do something that lets you feel relaxed.

For example, I love to make things out of clay though am very bad at it. But it makes me feel calm. Colouring, dancing, spending time with my family keeps me sane through tough times.

Find the things that keep you sane – do it, or just sit doing nothing. This should help you heal from the burnout.


Turn your breaks into relaxation.

Don’t keep your breaks busy, dedicate time to meditate, do yoga, or even a power nap would help you stay productive.

Stop working on weekends!!

This is a reality check. I learnt this from my mentor. NEVER WORK ON WEEKENDS.

You have to de-stress though you don’t feel stressed.

Do whatever you have to till Friday night, dance around on Saturday and Sunday! Spend time with yourself, it is really necessary to get clarity where you are leading your life to!

Plan a trip thrice a year!!

Yes, every four months – plan a small trip. Extrovert or introvert – doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like going out.

Pack your bags, and go to a beautiful nature destination.

While you travel OUT to different locations, you travel IN to secret locations within your soul. I TRULY BELIEVE THIS.

Burnout is real, very real. If you are feeling down, or need some refreshing take on life, remember life is beyond your work, your house, and beyond the city in which you live.


Share with me your way of dealing with burnouts.