4 Decision-Making tips to help yourselves in the most difficult times

Decision-making starts from a very young age. But, believe me, when I say,

I didn’t know the “D” of Decision Making until I crossed my teenage.

We all make decisions to stay comforted in life. But when we grow up, we begin to make decisions which benefit the people around them.

However, we fail to take some decisions that can help us grow personally, simply because,

“We do not understand our subconscious mind, or say we do not want to go the extra mile.” 

It is always easier to help others than to help ourselves. Similarly, it’s easy to advise everyone else but yourself!

Here, I lay down some examples of how we manipulate our own minds on how to not achieve the obvious. 


Have you ever said “I will” instead of “I will try”?

“I will” gives you no space to escape. When you say

“I will do it”, you take the complete responsibility of doing it with your best efforts. “I will try” is a way to escape with the thought that “I can just try, if it doesn’t work, it’s fine because I just said I would try”.


“To let go” is an art that can never be achieved completely. Letting go of anything in life will always be a new experience, and it will hurt you freshly every time. But what can make you different, is to sustain independently.


Overthinking is an easy experience to survive and it is hard to get rid of the addiction it can give you. But coming out of this shell and moving on to other things not only helps you get rid of it but also gives you a wiser and more open perspective to life.


To be open to criticism. Opening up to criticism can be really hard indeed.

When you put up a certain amount of effort and still only get recognized for your mistakes, it can be bleedy. But, to survive the attachment to your effort and take up the criticism, and analyze – is what a brave person would do till survival instincts reflex.

I do not wish to put up a lot of points and distract you more. Working on them will definitely help you like it did to me. These points are purely from my experiences and mistakes in life, however, it is not all. If you are as foolish as me, these thoughts shall help you grow out of it.

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