3 Strategies To Build Strong Workplace Skills

To be honest, I never cared about developing or building skills until a year of being experienced. I had too much to learn from my new job that learning and practising took off all my time.

“Go forth and build skills” is one thing, but how to actually do that?

 Let’s look at some strategies on how to build a strong foundation for your growth process.

Know your Existing Strengths

Yes! To build your skills, you have to know your existing strength. You can also subject yourself to experimentation to know some new strengths if you have any!

The biggest sarcasm in strengths is “ We never know our strengths until we force ourselves to do strengths outside our comfort zone


Hope you’re working on getting out of your comfort zone.

Quality over Quantity

To make it more relatable, let me give you an example. If you have one task, you would try to understand the task in-depth, analyse and then deliver the task.

But, if you have multiple such tasks, would you have the patience to deliver the quality you would deliver for the first task?

Mostly NO, that’s why it is necessary to take it slow. Irrespective of the pressure, stress, and anxiety – try to do full justice to your work. 

This helps you learn new skills, you may miss out while hurrying up a process.

Focus on Process over End Result

Make sure you know exactly how you’re going to get to that endpoint.

Create specific steps, milestones and touchpoints along the way – just so you’re encouraged ;p.

 Where do you want to be in two months with this? Six months? A year? 10 years?

Stop being all about the end result, your process helps you build skills, not the end result.

So, here it is. Do you have any other strategy to build a stronger foundation for skillsets?